Adorable UK baby hears mum's voice clearly for the first time

NewsflarePublished: March 16, 201878 views
Published: March 16, 2018

This is the touching a baby reacts to hearing her mother's voice clearly for the first time.

The footage shows little Aeries -who was born with severe hearing loss- staring at her mother with amazement after getting her first hearing aids.

The mother later wrote online: ''The day after our daughter was born she failed her routine hearing screening in hospital.''

''Aeris was referred to the Freeman hospital in Newcastle for further testing and we received the devastating news that she has a profound hearing loss at the highest frequency.

''We then had an agonising two week wait for further tests during which we didn't know if our little girl was living in a silent world.

''The next tests found Aeris had some hearing at the next two frequencies tested, but the loss was still severe as it was only over 90 decibels.

''Aeris was fitted with her little hearing aids on March 1 and her reaction was more than we could have hoped for and filled our hearts with so much joy.

''It'll be a long road ahead filled with lots of testing and learning, but hopefully, because the screening picked up her hearing loss at such a young age, Aeris should develop her speech and language skills as any other child with full hearing.''

The clip was filmed in Newcastle on March 1.

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