Young Elephant Charges At Safari Vehicle Entertaining Tourists

NewsflarePublished: March 15, 201823 views
Published: March 15, 2018

A young elephant bull charged a safari vehicle loaded with tourists in Kruger National Park, South Africa. As they approach this young elephant bull busy eating some marula fruits that had fallen from the tree, he quickly backs off when the vehicle doesn’t move to the amusement of the tourists. With his grey skin, mournful eyes and slow plodding gait, you could be forgiven for thinking that elephants are uniformly melancholy creatures.

Usually, the young elephant bulls are always trying to show their power but are easily intimidated, so their charges should never be taken too seriously as it is known that they will stop.
The safari guide probably told everyone to get their cameras ready, because this young bull will likely turn and give them a warning charge. And surely he did, he comes so close that his trunk actually touches the car.

At first he does not distance himself from the vehicle holding his ground but as soon as the tourists start laughing he quickly walks away. He is undoubtedly scared by the people and the vehicle. This is always a lot of fun to see but one must never get too comfortable around elephants, especially a fully grown bull. Always leave them space and always bear in mind that they have right of way.

Elephants enjoy a fairly unique family structure in terms of the role of the bull and the cow. In the elephant herd, the female elephant takes the lead, meaning that elephants are matriarch-headed. The bulls play a largely functional role, that of increasing the elephant population in his territory.

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