German Shepherd scolds Ring Neck Parakeet for trying to nip his owner.

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Published: March 15, 2018Updated: March 19, 2018

Watch as Shadow the German Shepherd scolds
Charlie because she tried to nip his owner, he was not happy so he runs over to the cage and scolds her, but Charlie does not take to kindly to his scolding and she gives as good as she gets and tries to peck him through the bars and they both end up squabbling with each other! Hilariously funny!! Understanding birds If you are novice you are sometimes quick to misjudge your bird's behavior and wonder why you received a bite or why the bird fluttered off your hand. Does the bird want you ..... Affect Behavior. Mature birds tend to become hormonal once a year in the spring, when the amount of natural light is longer than the amount of darkness.-Birds learn very well. Young birds learn to recognize predators by observing the behavior of other birds. Many species of birds make loud, scolding calls when they discover predators such as owls, cats, or snakes. Birds also use display as a way of settling disputes over food or territory, and to maintain a dominance hierarchy. Aggression between species is common. For example, a blackcap will intimidate a greenfinch, but will itself be seen off by a larger bird such as a great spotted woodpecker. In the case of the dog however whether you already own a dog and you are considering a pet bird, or you already have a bird and are considering a pet dog, you are sure to have your work cut out for you in terms of integrating them into the same household. While it can be a challenge to train dogs and birds to get along, it can be done ...
Birds and Dogs Living Together: Is It Safe?
Even if your dog doesn't exhibit predatory behavior, he can still accidentally injure your bird, just so long as you make sure that both dog and bird are fully seperated and can not get to each other then this is a sure way of protecting all your pets.

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