Workman On Ladder Hit By Huge Underground Fireball

CENPublished: March 12, 2018
Published: March 12, 2018

This is the shocking moment a workman on a stepladder was hit by a huge fireball from an underground explosion.

CCTV cameras captured the moment it blew a hole in the pavement underneath the man who was working outside a pub in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam.

Suddenly, the paving stones beneath him began to tremble and smoke began pouring from the ground.

Then a huge explosion ripped a hole in the pavement and sent a ball of flames flying straight at the workman whose name has not been released.

The man was knocked from his stepladder and rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital, although he is said to have escaped serious injury.

His colleague, who gave his name only as Pieter, said: "He was standing on a ladder and I had just passed some things to him.

"Suddenly we heard a whoosh. I looked backwards and there was a lot of smoke and wham – an enormous burst of flame came out of the ground."

Pieter said that he managed to jump away in time but saw after the explosion that his colleague had not been so lucky.

"His whole face was black as soot and my face was also hot," he added.

"We had an enormous amount of luck. On the way to the hospital the doctors already said that it would most probably only be some first degrees burns to his hand."

Pieter said the pair had been drinking coffee in the sun on the pub's outdoor terrace shortly before the accident.

The pair had been attaching a terrace heating system to a pub in the Pijp borough of Amsterdam at the time of the explosion.

It was reporetdly caused by a chain reaction after a digger hit an electric cable during excavation work elsewhere in the area.

Around 30,000 households and some of Amsterdam's most famous sights, including the Rijksmuseum were without power, for a big part of the day.

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