Apparently Taking A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk

TravelandLeisurePublished: March 12, 2018
Published: March 12, 2018

Yes people, you’ve heard it right, doing no physical activity can actually burn some calories. You don’t have to worry about indulging yourself with a bit of “me” time, because apparently it crunches those calories as much as a 30-minute walk would. The new study actually showed that taking that much needed break and soaking up the warmth of the water is beneficial not only for your calorie count, but also for your mental health.

Researchers have found that both the hot bath and the walk burn about 130 calories each, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to do it. If you want to sweat it out in the sun, breathing in fresh air and working on leg definition, than it’s totally fine. But there is something so incredibly good about spending some time in a warm bubble bath, that you just feel like you’ve been born again.

Our alone time is much needed when living in this hectic world. Sometimes time flies so fast, you don’t even notice it before it’s gone so it’s imperative to stop for a moment, regroup and get ready to start again. You might do it with a book or just by lazing in a bathtub, but make sure you get it. If the normal warm bath doesn’t relax you, try going to a sauna or a sensory deprivation tank, it might just do wonders for you. You’re welcome!

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