The Oldest Message In A Bottle Ever Discovered Washed Up On An Australian Beach

TravelandLeisurePublished: March 9, 2018
Published: March 9, 2018

There is something so fascinating about messages in bottles thrown into the ocean. It’s as if they are timeless. A tiny piece of paper laying suspended in a glass bottle, floating with no aim whatsoever. It doesn’t have a direction nor is it bound by time. It is solely left on luck and destiny alone to reach someone, somewhere who might not even understand it. It’s like a hidden keyhole leading to a magical place.

Historically speaking, messages in bottles aren’t that romantic. Sure, there were some that were written as a way to keep love everlasting, and even some that portrayed the anguish of living this life and not being with your soulmate. There is something so exciting about finding one and getting a glimpse of a past that we’ll never know but are privy to informations about it firsthand. But more often than not, those messages contain the dying words of a sailor lost at sea, farewells to loved ones and sometimes if we’re lucky enough, we might read instructions to finding a hidden treasure.

Most of the messages were actually of scientific origin. That is the case with the letter found in Australia. Back in the day when there were no satellites and you only had a compass to guide you through the dark blue waters of the ocean, sailors threw bottles with messages that contained the name of the ship and the year it was thrown on. These bottles served to track the currents and where they lead. This last find is actually the oldest message ever recorded, checking out at 132 years of age. Imagine that!

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