Cutest Japanese Baby Gecko Tries To Balance On A Fingertip

NewsflarePublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

Hey you, come here! Come here and look at me. There, now zoom in! I might be small but I know what I am doing. Yes, I am standing on this huge rock here trying to teach you a lesson. And a very important one: how to be this cute! What’s happening? Sharpen the image now, so everyone can see this charisma and cuteness. Now you know why I naturally get so much love and caresses – I am simply adorable! There now rock, stand still! Why is this rock moving around all the time? I have to grip this rock tightly so I don’t fall down. Life is too hard some days! I cannot balance this crazy rock and stay the cutest little gecko in the world at the same time. And in front of the camera!”

A resident of southern Japan was in the bathroom when she spotted a strange-looking guest in the corner of her eye: a baby "yamori", or Japanese gecko.

In the video, filmed in Kobayashi City in Miyazaki Prefecture on March 6, the baby yamori crawls around the filmer's finger.

The filmer jokes: "Let me introduce our pet, a gecko called Chibita. His charming point is that he's got a molted skin on his bottom. His favorite place is lying on the tile of our toilet. And his favorite thing to do is holding onto my fingers to get warm!"

Geckos have special toes with suction pads that allow them to climb on tiles and glass and go upside down on ceilings. They have special powers too – being so charming and irresistible. Cuteness overload!

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