Watch: Gorka Unleashed: "Censors jihadis online ... as opposed to targeting conservatives"

IJRPublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

Steve: We have more about that ISIS inspired teenager who tried to blow up his high school with a homemade bomb. Cops revealing the same teenager spray painted ISIS is coming and replaced the American flag with an ISIS flag at another school nearby. So where is the national outrage? Fox News national security strategist and former deputy assistant to Donald Trump, the president of the united States, Dr. Sebastian Gorka who is the author of defeating jihad joins us now to weigh in. Dr. Gorka, good morning to you.
>> Good morning, Steve. Steve: Given the fact of the terrible circumstances of Florida a couple of weeks ago, you would think that if a kid were to spray paint ISIS is coming on the wall and then bring a bomb where he tried to blow up the school, that would be a big story.
>> You would think, wouldn’t you. You would think it would be a front page story as oppose to the Russia collusion delusion every day that we still see in the fake news industrial complex in stories about porn stars making accusations against politicians. So, you know, this should be a massive story, we know ISIS has been practically, you know, wiped off the face of the Earth in the middle East, military under the directorship of the new commander-in-chief destroy the physical caliphate in Iraq and Syria. We have cases ongoing here in America. Every state has ongoing ISIS investigations. More than 160 people have been apprehended connected to ISIS in the United States in the last three years. And here we have another case of a story, sadly, like Florida, where there were indicators. You mentioned the graffiti. You mentioned the flag. And it was only a student who saw the device that was already in the school that said hey, there something suspicious here and the police intercepted the ied. Steve: The ied was in a backpack that was smoking in a common area and somebody said hey, wait a minute. And then called the cops. And they carted this guy off. Apparently it happened in pine view high school in southwestern Utah. But, Sebastian, this goes to another point that we have talked in the past about. And that is the kid probably got the schematics on how to make this ied from the Internet.
>> Right. Al Qaeda’s publications like inspire. The publications of ISIS as well, they are all out there on the Internet. They have detailed instructions. That’s how the Boston bombers made their pressure cooker bombs. Those instructions were on one of the squaddy. You read stories about Prager university their videos and the conservatives, demon at thissization on YouTube. The Google and Facebook. How about spending some time censors jihadis online if you are a big social media company as opposed to targeting conservatives. That could be a repriorization that could save lives. Steve: Luckily nothing bad happened out there, it looks as if some dots were not connected ahead of time. Sebastian Gorka, stay warm in our nation’s capitol.

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