Family’s First Month With Cute Puppy Lilly

CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOliviaPublished: March 8, 2018194 views
Published: March 8, 2018

You all must have heard about the famous Charlie the Beagle and his little human friend Laura. Well, Charlie and Laura have waited for months for their baby sister Lilly and when they finally met, their reaction went viral.

Little babies are adorable. But all dog lovers will agree that baby pups are as much as cute as human babies. Lilly the beagle is a living proof of that statement. Watch her incredible first months when she joined the family. She is simply amazing!
Beagles are an amazing dog breed. Small, compact and friendly, they are active companions for kids and adults too. They are scent dogs, which means that they live to use their nose. They are not guarding dogs because of their friendly and go-lucky nature. Brave and intelligent, with distinctive howls, they are pretty charming dogs.

These are the first months of Lilly’s life in the family of Charlie and Laura. She was exploring the new place, playing with toys and food and gladly running in the backyard of their house. She was also becoming a best friend to the first family dog, also a beagle, Charlie.

The family said that there is always room for one more in their house. That’s the moment when they brought Lilly home. They were having picnics, family gatherings and birthdays now together with Lilly. She was receiving an unconditional love, such as Charlie.

Watch this adorable video compilation of Lilly’s best moments when she arrived at the family and maybe you’ll consider getting a beagle for yourself too! Enjoy!

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