This Clever Pup Has Learned To Read His Commands

StoryfulPublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

Oakley is no ordinary dog. That’s because he likes to read, as seen in this video filmed recently in Greenbaum Home furnishings in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Presented in cards by his human pal, Oakley saw words like ‘Sit’, ‘Wave’, and ‘Down’ and reacted accordingly.

David and Joanne Greenbaum got Oakley when he was just 8-weeks-old and discovered that their fluffy pet is a really fast learner. They had the puppy working with trainer Ciera Wilson since very early. Ciera had heard that it is possible to teach dogs to recognise written words and decide to try it out with her new trainee. What was once thought impossible turned out to be a splendid idea, thanks to this clever pooch.

It isn’t like Oakley can actually read the letters on the card. They memorise the shape of the letters and learn to associate it with the commands. “She asks him to do the command and shows him the word at the same time and Oakley associates it with the words,” David says. Of course, it involves a lot of treats, but it all paid off eventually.

In this adorable video, we get to see super-smart oakley in action. His owner shows him a card that says “sit” and the dog just looks at it and obeys. WOW! The couple tried teaching their two other dogs, Harper and Maggie, both 8, to do the same, but so far they have not been as successful as this bright little head.

This only makes us wonder. If we show Oakley a picture of a bottle of beer, will he learn that he is supposed to fetch us some?

Credit: David Greenbaum via Storyful

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