"Mommy And Baby Have A Conversation"

Published March 7, 2018 288 Plays

Rumble "Mommy and baby have the most adorable conversation ever. Such a sweet and precious moment, it had to be recorded. While most girls can't wait to have their ears pierced and wear earrings, this little one is not obsessing too much about it. Her mom tells her that they must wait until she is six months old before she can get her ears pierced and the adorable baby has no problem with that. There is no need to rush into anything. What an adorable little baby. Most children would have something to say about this, but she is not stressing about it. How smart! We are sure she will have her share of earrings when she grows up a little, but for now, all this adorable little one is interested in is fun. Everything else can wait. We could not agree more! Laughter is the best thing ever, and this little one loves it as well."