Little Girl Loses Control Over A Pressure Washer

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Published: March 7, 2018

It is common knowledge that taking care of our cars is amongst the top ten list of thinгs to do if you want your precious vehicle to last longer and look better. So, we take steps such as ether washing it up ourselves or taking it down to the car wash station for some cleanup. Now, we also know that after the first enthusiasm wears off, the process of giving your car a bubble bath grows neither interesting or captivating. On the contrary, it gets boring to the core so we prefer having workers do it. Luckily, some people have kids who are just too eager to try new things out and get the chance to splash water around.

Look what happens to this 6-year-old-girl after her dad gives her the pressure washer to try it out!

Pressure washers have been around since the beginning of the previous century. Today, you can get one of your very own pressure washers and soothe your soul by washing everything that is dirty in your vicinity! Just be warned, pressure washers can reach up to 30.000 pounds by a square inch of pressure, which could be too much for you to handle like it was for the little girl in this video!

High-pressure washers have become the next stars of the Internet recently after people have expressed that watching things get stripped of their mud and grime is soothing for them. And why wouldn't it be, watching things get washed and emerge from underneath almost brand new! Plus, all the fun coming from funny fails such as this in the video.

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      gregclaridge · 33 weeks ago

      Damn, what is the music track on this video? It sounds SOOO good... I need to know!