Hidden Turtle Gives Unsuspecting Puppy The Surprise Attack

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Published: March 7, 2018

A puppy gets a surprise when his water dish suddenly moves on it's own. As the dish moves forward it is revealed that a turtle is pushing the bowl.

When talking about pets, turtles may not be the first thing that pops to mind. But these creatures actually make good pets and have become somewhat of a trend in recent years. They have good characteristics, but still distinguish themselves from cats and dogs with a couple of unique quirks of their own.

The turtle in this video is a playful little fella, and at first he seems to be bothered by the lack of interest shown by his dog brother. So, the witty turtle finds a creative way to pull a prank on his canine friend, initiating play in completely unexpected manner.

Footage shows the ignorant pooch, happily exploring the backyard when out of a sudden, his metal bowl starts moving on its own! The unusual behavior of the bown tickles pooch’s interest, so the scared dog quicklys steps back and continues to stare at the moving object with disbelief!

As the turtle finds another interesting thing to play with, interacting with the dog while hiding underneath the bowl, the dog is intimidated by the moving bowl. A surprise attack, that is! The pooch gets startled, having the most precious reaction ever! Surely he wasn't expecting a surprise playtime offer from his turtle bud.

Hopefully, the two unusual friends proceeded to playing with each other, and probably it was the game of hide and seek!

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