Hypnotic Timelapse Captures Slow Dynamics Movement

WonderlistPublished: March 7, 2018
Published: March 7, 2018

This hypnotic time-lapse video captures the pioneer of a new health movement – a compelling cross between yoga and meditation – across 40 different locations.

The program, called ‘Slow Dynamics’, was created by Jean-Pierre Albert and his stunning sequence video includes clips across countries including the US, Japan and France.

The amazing footage, in which Jean-Pierre appears to be bending time, took over two years to film.

He wanted to have a practice that would have the depth of meditation without the staticity of it – yoga has this but was not going “deep” enough – so Slow Dynamics was born as a super slow yoga flow.

To blur the lines even more, Jean-Pierre picks yoga movements for his Slow Dynamics sessions, but the art is always in how they’re performed – as slowly as possible, and using time-lapse shots to film the session.


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