Schoolboys Nicked For Shoplifting 2 Blow-Up Sex Dolls

CENPublished: March 6, 2018
Published: March 6, 2018

A schoolboy who with an accomplice shoplifted a blow-up sex doll reportedly returned to the scene of the crime two hours later to steal another one.

CCTV from a sex shop in the central Russian city of Novosibirsk shows a schoolboy mooching around a display of dildos before reaching up to a higher shelf.

He lifts off a package containing a blow-up sex doll and stuffs it under his coat and then carries on pretending to browse for dildos.

The clip ends there but the lad is believed to have got away with his inflatable companion, along with an accomplice who had been distracting the shop assistant.

Local media report that the crooked pair pulled the same trick twice on the same sex shop within two hours, having apparently tested the first stolen item and developed a taste for latex love.

It was not clear whether it was CCTV of the first or second theft that was released.

But using security camera footage, police reportedly identified and detained both schoolboys, whose names and ages were not reported.

A police spokesman told Russian media: "The sex shop representative filed a complaint with the police. Officers watched the CCTV footage and identified two suspects who are schoolboys.

"All materials on the case were handed to the police department that specialises in crimes committed by minors."

Reportedly the cost of the two sex dolls is 6,000 RUB (77 GBP). The dolls were returned to the shop but cannot be sold as they were said to be in a used condition.

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