Shocking Viral Vid Of Dog And Puppies Tied Up In Bag

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Published: March 6, 2018

This is the disturbing viral video with over 5 million views of the moment a dog and her puppies were rescued after being tied up in a bag and seemingly abandoned.

In the video, the dog’s head can be seen poking out of a bag as one of the puppies stands next to her.

The dog initially growls at the woman recording, Josiane Almeida, and the cries of the other puppies can be heard coming from inside the bag.

The rescuers eventually cut the mother and three puppies free from the bag.

The video has gone viral, receiving over 5.1 million views at the time of writing.

Almeida, who works as a dog protector, found the dog after she received a phone call from a friend.

The dog and the puppies were apparently abandoned on a street in Lago da Prata, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Almeida told reporters: "I was very nervous and in despair at the situation, even more so when we opened the bag and saw that there were more puppies.

"They (the puppies) were without air. It was one of the worst rescues I have done in my life."

The mother of the puppies was reportedly bleeding heavily when Almeida found her and she has now been found to have a cancerous tumour.

The dog will undergo chemotherapy sessions, with local media reporting several people have donated to pay for the treatment.

Almeida said: "It is a long treatment, as well as chemotherapy she needs vitamins and special food, but we are getting everything. The babies have been wormed and are doing really well."

The mother and the four puppies are in Almeida’s care, and will be put up for adoption once she is healthy.

All four puppies are reportedly healthy.

Almeida and her husband Edson have close to 50 dogs in their home, the majority of which they have rescued from the local area.

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