Firemen Free Poor Pooch From Huge Mousetrap Agony

CENPublished: March 6, 2018
Published: March 6, 2018

This is the heartbreaking moment a little dog has its paw caught in a huge mousetrap and he waits patiently for firefighters to free him.

The pooch from the township of Wuxiang in the city of Ningbo in East China’s Zhejiang Province had run into the tall grass next to his home and accidentally stepped into the trap left for rats, his owner said.

The crying animal hobbled back to his home, where his owner saw the trap and tried in vain to remove it. He called the Ningbo City fire service who arrived with specialist tools for the job.

Footage taken by the rescuers shows the dog lying still on his side while his owner holds him by the scruff of his neck. He lets out painful cries as the firemen try to cut the mousetrap with a handheld saw, the video shows.

The poor dog’s owner stays by his side until the rescuers were finally able to break the mousetrap apart in a process that reportedly took just over 10 minutes.

The revealed owner thanks the rescuers and lets go of the pooch, which hobbles away with its injured front-left paw.

It is unclear whether the animal broke any bones.

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dog pooch rescued mousetrap agony firemen save