Atlanta man points gun at driver in road rage incident

NewsflarePublished: March 6, 2018
Published: March 6, 2018

Two men, one of them armed, became involved in a heated argument at a traffic stop in Atlanta last night (March 5).

Both drivers were shouting and cursing at each other, before getting out and arguing further, with one drawing a gun and pointing it at the other.

Fortunately, no shots were fired and both men left in their cars without further incident.

The man in the front car was allegedly attempting an illegal left turn, with the two men arguing at one point:
[Rear Driver]: "You made an illegal left turn... you slammed the brakes on me-"
[Front Driver]: "So you gonna kill me over that? So you wanna kill me over that?!"

The filmer can be heard saying: "I don't want to see this dude get shot."

The incident took place outside of SkyHouse midtown in Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia.

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