Man provides hilarious commentary while spider eats its prey

Newsflare Published March 6, 2018

Rumble A man in Australia provided a hilarious commentary while a spider ate its prey.

The man explained he was working out in the garage when a wasp flew in under the door carrying a Huntsman spider.

“It flew under a chair stashed near the corner of the garage,” the main said. “Upon further inspection, it was caught, along with the Huntsman, in a web under the chair.”

The web belonged to a Redback spider who made a run straight for the Huntsman. The wasp managed to break free quickly by flapping its wings.

“That's when It clicked, and I had to grab my camera,” the man continued. “Watching the footage back, it probably would’ve looked weird on my channel without some sort of comedy element.”

So the man ended up providing a funny voice-over for it.