Romantic Pilot Surprises Girlfriend With Marriage Proposal At 8500ft

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Rumble This is the emotional moment a man surprises his girlfriend by proposing at 8500 ft while piloting a plane with her on board for the very first time.

Cody Benham, 24, was left on cloud nine after he popped the question to Brielle Moon, 20, leaving her in complete shock at the romantic gesture. Brielle appears slightly nervous as the couple take off and fly between the mountain passes of Northern Utah, USA, with Cody - who received his Private Pilot Certificate on Jan 4 - at the controls.

About 30 minutes into the scenic flight, Cody tells Brielle he is going to show her a 45 degree turn to the left, then the right, before he begins the maneuver. After the steep turns, Cody asks Brielle if she trusts him even more after flying with him, and after saying they love each other, Cody diverts her attention and pulls out an engagement ring he had hidden onboard.

An emotional Brielle fights back the tears as she agrees to marry him and they give each other a mid-flight kiss before showing off the stunning ring to the camera. This romantic moment when a loving boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend at 8500 feet in the air had us in stitches. Watch as the unsuspecting girl is left speechless and completely in awe, embracing the pleasant surprise. Love is in the air!

Footage shows the happy couple sightseeing from above, making their first trip in the air together. Moments later, the loving boyfriend pops the question mid flight, right after she tells him that she trusts him completely with her life. The girl is overwhelmed with joy and is left speechless by the unsuspected surprise proposal. What a moment!

It is adorable how this thoughtful boyfriend had planned out this surprise perfectly. Maybe he didn’t get down on one knee and popped the question, but his mid-air romantic proposal has swept his loving girlfriend off her feet! Good job, buddy!

Watch, how shocked Brielle is when he proposes in the air, and she is left speechless and utterly confused. She keeps on asking whether he is being serious, and cannot contain her excitement. What a loving moment! The pair always knew that their connection was something more than anything they had felt before and they firmly believe that their love story is a true definition of soulmates.

As she stares at the ring, being totally unaware of what her boyfriend pulled, she is completely taken by surprise, caught off-guard as the only thing she does is ask whether he is being serious, before kissing him in front of the camera. She can't believe her eyes and ears when he asks her to marry him. She is so overwhelmed with joy, she can barely pull herself together.

Fortunately, this incredible marriage proposal was caught on camera for us to enjoy. To say she was surprised would be an understatement. This has to be one of the most unique marriage proposals on the internet!

This young couple has just taken this life-changing leap of commitment. Marriage proposals are a very special moment between two people who are willing to spend their life together. So congrats to the newly engaged. May your life be filled with love, prosperity and many children!

Proposing to someone can be scary enough as it is, but it is even more scary with all those people around you. Maybe that is why this boyfriend decided to propose in private. It was all worth it because the girl is so surprised to be proposed in the air that she doesn’t know how to react! This is a heartwarming moment that you are not going to want to miss!


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