This 'Clash Royale' Display Used Up 100,000 Dominoes

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Published: March 2, 2018Updated: March 6, 2018

Do you like playing dominoes? It one of the oldest board games that is still played to this day. With the recognizable design of the tiles divided in half and the pips on them, they bring a sort of nostalgia in our hearts, back when we didn’t have games like ‘Carcassonne’ and the likes. No, we are not THAT old, we did have Monopoly!

After centuries of dominoes played as a tile-based game, a man by the name of Bob Speca, Jr. from Broomall, PA. threw the first ever dominoes show, where he set up and toppled down 11,111 pieces in a chain reaction known as the domino effect.

People all over the world try to set up their own domino projects. The thrill of these shows comes from their risky nature, because with every set up domino tile, there is a risk that everything will topple down and you have to start over again! But Rumble user “ahmeds” is such a pro, he could set up 100,000 of these colorful plastic tiles, to create a display so intricate, it can even show faces and words!

In this display, he created all the troops of the hit mobile game 'Clash Royale'. He used a total of 100,000 dominoes to pull this off!

He doesn’t stick to just dominoes though. In one display, he combined the insatiable charm of fidget spinners to create an intricate machinery, almost like Ruby Goldberg machine, where the falling dominoes move the spinners and the other way around!

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