Here Is A List Of 10 Ways Space Travel Might Change In The Next 100 Years

alltime10s Published March 2, 2018 78 Plays

Rumble Isn’t it funny when you’re reading books from a hundred years ago or watching movies from the past century that portray what the future holds? Well, their future is now and unfortunately we are no closer to their predictions than they were. Sure, we’re launching rockets into outer space, but we probably have a few centuries of trials and tribulations to go until we manage to reach warp speed (sorry, Trekkies).

Science today has made it possible to send different unmanned aircrafts to space to gather information about our surroundings in space and the development of telescopes makes it possible for us to see farther and farther into space. We’re sending people to the International Space Station where we’re testing for endurance and effects hoping that one day it will all pay off and we will be able to travel and colonize surrounding planets and beyond.

This video shows us a list of ten predictions in regards to space travel in the next century. Now bear in mind that these guesses are based on current conditions and technological innovations so they are most likely to change. Will we be able to go into space in the future? Will we return to the moon? Will we travel at the speed of light? Make sure you tune in to hear them all and don’t forget to tell us your opinion in the comments down below.