Wild monkey eats from plate of stunned devotees in Indian temple

NewsflarePublished: March 2, 2018
Published: March 2, 2018

An adult langur monkey has developed a strange habit.

As devotees sit down to eat food, which is offered by a temple in Maharashtra, India, the monkey picks one of them to sit in front of.

It approaches the person, sits quietly in front of him and starts eating from the same plate.

The monkey eats quietly without troubling anyone and then leaves as the stunned devotee watches.

An official at Swami Samarth temple in Akkalkot said a band of monkeys reside on the trees outside the temple. But only one of them has made it a habit to enter the place where the food is offered and share it with devotees.

“The monkey is gentle and mature. Devotees believe it is a miracle of Saint Samarth, who is worshipped here,” he said.

Langurs are an aggressive monkey species, which usually avoid contact with humans. But this monkey seems to be an exception.

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