Smart Dog Tries To Build A Snowman All By Himself

Caters_NewsPublished: March 1, 201825 views
Published: March 1, 2018

Ahh, winter time! Super white snow, cold breeze and fun is guaranteed! There are so many winter activities like skating, skiing and playing in the snow of course. Many dogs love to play in the snow and some of them are happy to help you build a snowman. But this is not the case. This clever dog is trying to make a snowman all by himself! Take a look at the funny video and find out his amazing skills!

The Border Collie is a dog breed with many unique features. These dogs are very intelligent and obedient. They are very hardworking and are often considered the smartest of all domestic dogs. Tyson, the 8 year-old dog in this video is eager to build something out of snow. It looks like the pooch is trying to make a base for the snowman. How cool is that, right?

As indefinite amounts of snow continued to fall across the U.K, this clever canine enjoyed his doggy day off by attempting to ‘build a snowman’ in his back garden, only to be caught in the act by his owner. Owner Reece said: ‘I have no idea how he even started making it, but at one point, the ball was so big he couldn’t get it over the other side of the garden, so my sister and I had to move it for him’. He explained that snow is so rare in the area, so Tyson and his other dog become very enthusiastic every time it snows.

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