Crowd's Positive Chanting Keeps Man From Jumping Off Roof

Newman1415 Published February 27, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble When 50,000 concert goers attended a music festival called Boots and Hearts in August of 2015, near Barrie, Ontario, Canada they saw something that was totally unexpected. An intoxicated and emotionally distraught male climbed up onto the roof of the stage and hung his legs over the edge. Perhaps they initially thought it was one of the staff, but the spectators clearly did not grasp that something serious and potentially tragic was unfolding in front of their eyes.
The man can be seen ripping off his wrist band that allowed him access to the park. He threw this into the crowd. People then realized that this man had nothing to do with the show. Police began moving the crowd back in case things went wrong. Officers and security also went around back and climbed the stage to try to get up to talk him down.
The man had his phone out and it appeared that maybe he was just carrying out a stunt to get a selfie.
It soon became clear that the man was upset as he threw his phone out into the crowd. It was this act that signaled to onlookers and police that he might be thinking of jumping.
One brilliant man in the crowd made a decision that quite possibly changed the entire outcome. He began to chant "Get down safe!" and the crowd quickly followed him. This touching show of support and compassion seemed to have an effect on the young man and he then laid down on the roof.
Police were able to reach the man and bring him down before things turned to tragedy. He was arrested on scene and then transported to hospital for examination. In a moment that could have gone either way, one person acted out of kindness and it became contagious.