Rickshaw Drives In Circles After Bump Knocks Driver Out

CENPublished: February 27, 2018
Published: February 27, 2018

A rickshaw drove in circles on its own and had to be dragged to a halt by witnesses after a crash knocked its driver out of the cab.

The bizarre accident was caught on CCTV in the city of Bozhou in eastern China’s Anhui province.

The clip shows a three-wheeled electric rickshaw collide with a car at a busy crossroads.

Its driver is thrown out of the open-sided vehicle and slumps unconscious in the road.

But his rickshaw, with its single front wheel stuck sideways and its accelerator also somehow jammed, continues driving in tight circles, barely missing him each time it passes.

Two men try to drag the light vehicle to a halt by grabbing its rear but are unable to. Local reports said one of them was a traffic officer who had run over to help.

But eventually more bystanders join in and bring the rickshaw to a halt by brute force. Local reports said it hit its driver as it was stopped, though the collision is hard to see in the video.

The driver was not identified and it is not known how badly he was injured, or even whether he survived.

No information was available about the driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision, though the car does not look badly damaged in the video.

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