Amazing View Of Helicopter Mountain Rescue

CENPublished: February 26, 2018
Published: February 26, 2018

Mountain rescue heroes released an amazing video of their helicopter operation to save an injured climber.

A camera mounted outside the helicopter shows the view below as a rescue worker is winched down to the casualty on the snowy slopes of a mountain near the village of Marana in the north-western Spanish province of Leon.

The rescuer first attaches the casualty to apparatus so he can be winched up to the chopper.

Once the injured man is inside, the winch is lowered again so the rescuer can be hauled back up.

All the while the helicopter pilot keeps the aircraft perfectly still while another emergency worker sits on the edge, ensuring both the patient and his colleague get in safely.

The injured man, an unnamed 34-year-old Spanish national, was flown to where an ambulance was waiting nearby.

He was rushed to a clinic in the nearby town of Riano. Details of his injuries were not reported but he was said to have called for help at 11am after tumbling 300 metres (328 yards) down a slope in the La Dama Blanca (White Lady) area.

Authorities decided to deploy the helicopter as the area was not accessible any other way.

It was not clear whether the Spaniard had been climbing alone. The mountain rescue workers involved were not named.

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