Pregnant Mom Replicates Stephen Curry’s Pregame Routine

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Rumble A pregnant mom replicates Steph Curry’s famous warm-up routine in her 39th week of pregnancy while experiencing contractions. Amazing!

Footage of basketball coach Melanie Thornbury, from Rome, Georgia, imitating the NBA star’s warm-up routine while being heavily pregnant had us dazzled and confused. Watch as this lady performs various stunts, including dribbling with two balls, sinking three-pointers and scoring long-range efforts, passing with flying colors!

Incredibly, Melanie was teaching a 9th grade health class when this video was shot, and went into labor the same evening and gave birth to her son Cooper Daniel the next morning on February 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day mommy!

NBA star Stephen Curry is known for going through a special artistic pregame shooting routine, hitting jumpers from every angle on every spot on the floor. His 20-minute pregame ritual has become a special sight to behold.

Curry’s team, Golden State Warriors have become the main attraction in the NBA over the past four years, but this player’s pregame workouts have become very popular too, especially his two-ball dribbling ritual. It is surprising how this pregnant lady replicates his routine to perfection!

The first drill Curry start off with is the stationary two-ball dribbling along the baseline, followed by dribbling in motion from the scorer's table to the opposite end with a series of crossovers and between-the-leg action. Once on the other end of the court, he does the same thing but walking backwards. Melanie here has perfected his routine and left us in awe!


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