Rare Phenomenon Turns This Nature Path Into Stunning Underwater Scenery

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Published: February 26, 2018

A rare phenomenon turned a stunning nature path into this incredible underwater scenery. Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata, a renowned beauty spot in the riparian forest of Rio Olho d’Algua in Brazil, became submerged in water after a concentration of rainfall caused two nearby rivers to burst their banks.

The occurrence is so rare, it happens once every seven years, when over 150 mm of rainfall accumulated in the Jardim area during a single downpour in February. It caused almost 10 feet of water to submerge most of the surrounding forest.

The blue lense shows hauntingly beautiful scenery of plants, motionless trees and an abandoned bridge that remain preserved and untouched, as if abandoned decades before. The scene lasts for just two days before it drains away and the ecotourism quickly returns back to normal.

“It rained a lot in the region, making the Miranda and Prata rivers overflow. This usually happens about once every seven years, but this year was the highest level of water there’s ever been,” said environmental director of Rio da Prata, Luiza Coelho, still overwhelmed at the “beautiful accident” caused by the flooding.

“Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, tourists couldn’t have access to the full trail length, because it’s very hard to swim the entire length of the trail, particularly with unknown river conditions. The water is so clear because the entire water basin is preserved by a private reserve; there is a high concentration of calcium carbonates and minerals in the water.”

So, all you have to do is wait another seven years so that you, too, may experience it yourself.

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