Air Force Master Sergeant Returns Home Early To Surprise Entire Family

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Published: February 22, 2018

When it comes to emotional encounters, we can all agree that nothing beats the moment when a father is reunited with his family after a long time. Especially if the son is a brave returning soldier who comes back home to visit his family. And that’ exactly what this video is about! Prepare for a heartbreaking experience! A sergeant comes home after serving in the military and decided to surprise his family by stopping by the school that his kids study. The soldier first appears in front of the son and tears stream down the faces of both of them. His son starts to cry immediately and emotions are hard to describe. It is heart-melting. Get ready your tissues!

A US Air Force Sergeant returned home from deployment a week early and surprised his family in a series of emotional greetings. Sergeant Josh, 33, had been serving in the Middle East for seven months but began hatching the secret plan with his wife Sarah about a month before returning home to Colorado. First, he surprises his eldest son, eight-year-old Jayden, who has Cerebral Palsy, at school with the pair both trying to hold back the tears as they embrace after so long apart.

Then, in another suprise Josh waits in a classroom for his two other kids, Kolby, aged five, and Rhilyn, aged three, who run into his arms as soon as they spot their dad. One of the funniest reactions comes from his dad Kameron, who jumps in shock as Josh appears behind him before hilariously screaming ‘YES’ and leaping into Josh’s arms and asking ‘that’s awesome how did you do that?’. In the heart-warming video, Josh also surprises his mom, two brothers, his cousin, cousin’s wife as well as his two dogs Ziegan and Willy - the pooches appearing almost giddy as he steps through the door.

This is the emotional moment when a man surprises his entire family with his early-arrival, much to their surprise. The pure happiness and joy expressed on their faces says it all! It must be hard to not be able to see your family for over a year, even though you really want too. We should thank this man for being a good man for his family and for serving his country! You should always show your loved ones how much you care about them. Even by doing small gestures, it can make all the difference.

Josh and his family are currently raising money for his son’s Cerebral Palsy treatment. More information can be found here: There are many heart-throbbing videos circling around about soldiers coming back early from deployment and the following one is just a drop in the ocean. One dad breaks down when his dad returns home early from Afghanistan. These videos showing soldiers returning home can melt even the coldest of hearts. After being deployed in Afghanistan for a mobilization/demobilization tour for the past year, it was finally time for Mason to come home. Like every good soldier out there, Mason didn’t just up and tell his folks he was coming; instead, he asked his neighbor and fellow Veteran to set up a surprise for each of his family members, one by one. Take a look at the video and embrace yourselves for an emotional ride.

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    Thank you everyone for watching and sharing! Please help us spread this as much as possible!!! All profit from the video is going back to help our son! -Thornton Family