This Is How The Crawfish Challenge Started

Published February 22, 2018 8,970 Views $16.04 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsFirst, let us briefly go through the list of crazy 'challenges' that have gone viral on the Internet:

1. The cinnamon challenge.
2. The hot pepper challenge.
3. The ice bucket challenge.
4. The salt and ice challenge.
5. The Kylie Jenner lip challenge.
6. The condom challenge.

In this video, you just might have witnessed the origins of the newest challenge which will swipe the Internet in the following next months.

A group of guys hanging out with beer cans. Nothing unusual, right? Wrong! They have invented a funny beer chugging challenge: instead of simply draining a beer can bottoms up as fast as possible without a stop, the challenged party needs to do the same adding some maneuvering of lips, nose, cheeks or other facial parts away from some pretty agitated <a href="" target="_blank">crawfish</a> claws! A crawfish is duct-taped firmly to the beer can and the more the challenged party raises the beer can the closer its claws come to his or her face, seriously tempting the crawfish to attack.

So this is practically a <a href="" target="_blank">David against Goliath</a> battle: the challenged on the left - the large guy with sunglasses and a funny looking beer can with claws and tentacles sticking out on the right. Who will win? The challenged seems to be doing pretty well, getting cheered by his mates in the background, draining the can without any obstructions, getting those claws so close to his face that you yourself star getting nervous. And, when you think it is all over – snap! His tongue is caught in the blink of an eye. That little crawfish meant business!

Would you try this at home?