Baby Girl Is Adorably Amused By Her Reflection In The Mirror

Published February 21, 2018 6,966 Plays $20.29 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsIt seems to be an awesome time in your life to be a baby. Everyone waits on you hand and foot, you are being fed and pampered and everything around you looks like super fun. The real treat comes when you meet a mirror - all of a sudden, you have a buddy that is exactly like you and you shower it with love and affection.

This baby girl has just met her reflection in the <a href="" target="_blank">mirror</a> and she could not be more in love. Seated on the floor on a fluffy little rug, right in front of the full length mirror, she giggles and coos to the girl on the other side, with her multitude of folds and her springy hair. She girl giggles right back at her, mimicking her hand movements and smiles back. Oh, goody, goody!

It is a new best friend! The baby’s face lights up, just like ours did when we saw her antics. She is so precious and she certainly is getting a kick out of her buddy’s reaction! She may not recognize the face of the baby staring right back at her but it doesn’t matter. After all, we are our own best friend!

Babies love faces and one of their favorite pastimes at that age is staring at features. Some parents go so far, that they install a mirror on the back of their car seat, so that the kiddo will have something to entertain itself on the rides. But it isn’t until they reach the age of 18 months that babies recognize their own reflection in the mirror. Up until then, they will have multiple unsuccessful <a href="" target="_blank">attempts at kissing</a> the kid in the looking glass, another favorite social activity.


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