Fearless Horse Forgets He’s A Horse And Walks Right Into Wolf Pack

NewsflarePublished: February 21, 2018153,006 views
Published: February 21, 2018

Winter can be awesome time of the year when everything is covered in a white blanket! This time of the year is perfect for long walks in the squeaky snow, making angels in the snow, engaging in snowball fight, making a snowman, you name it! And it's not just humans that love snow, this video is a sound proof that animals are equally excited about it as well!

Footage shows a cheeky horse gleefully playing with around in the snow as he would if he were to be all alone. This horse chooses to ignore its surroundings, we mean all the scary looking, probably very hungry wolves and still is determined to remain on his path on having fun in the deep valley snow.

Watch as the playful horse raises his front legs and playfully stands on two limbs, as he is caught up in the moment and goes full play mode! Have you ever seen anything like this? This may be the most cheerful horse we have ever seen! He is playing in the snow like a little kid, regardless the dangers of his hungry "friends".

A professional wildlife photographer has captured on camera the remarkable moment a brave horse frolicked with a pack of wild wolves. The scene was filmed in Abruzzo, Italy on February 4. In the clip, the horse wanders nonchalantly among six of the predators and then even rolls in the snow as the wolves watch on. Wolves have been known to attack and kill horses, so this behavior is very unusual.

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  • 2 rumbles
    chekwriter · 15 weeks ago

    Must be buds. Really wonderful. Gotta love Mother Nature.

  • 0 rumbles
    jgasser · 14 weeks ago

    Coyotes not wolves. Get your story straight

    • 1 rumble
      FelM · 14 weeks ago

      Coyotes do not exist in Italy so....