Brave Dog Refuses To Fall Prey To Wolfpack

Storyful Published February 19, 2018 647,988 Plays

Rumble There are only so many things that can be compared to a wolf pack. They function as a single mind, led by the alpha, to hunt down their prey with unified forces. Most of the times they get it right, but in this particular case, they picked the wrong animal to mess with.

Paolo Forconi shared this footage on February 17 of a dog that refused to be prey to a wolfpack in the hills of Abruzzo, Italy. The wolves can be seen chasing the dog and biting him twice before he escaped by jumping through a hole in a fence.

At first it seems that the pack of three wolves are trying to play with their distant relative. They even bow down and wag their tails. But it would seem that the tail wag means something entirely different in wolves’ body language. When the dog notices his pursuers at his tail, he stops and holds its ground. Few seconds later, Yeller turns around and starts running in the opposite direction, the wolves following him close by. Oh, they’re buddies; actually they are not.

One of the wolves tries to bite the pooch on his behind, but the dog snaps back at the predator and keeps running. You see, old Yeller here has the home field advantage, because he knows where the barbed wire hangs looser, just enough for him to wiggle through. Those big wolves can’t fit through there, so they are left with a huge defeat and no lunch.

Forconi told Storyful residents in the area have seen an increase in wolf sightings and attacks in recent years. The wolves prey on red deers, goats, and other small pets, according to Forconi.

Credit: Paolo Forconi via Storyful


  • catmommy, 1 year ago

    Whoever owns that dog, should keep it at home, instead of letting it fall prey to wild animals. That dog was lucky it got out alive.

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    • CAROLINEPITTS, 1 year ago

      It's a ranch dog!

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      • catmommy, 1 year ago

        It doesn't matter if it's a ranch dog. The owner should Still keep it close to home. If people who have pets, really Value their animals, they need to keep them at home. Not let them roam all over the territory and become "bait" or "food" for predators like wolves, cougars, coyotes, etc. As long as we have wild spaces, there will always be predators. So people who have pets, need to keep them at home! I think people who live in rural places have this mentality that you should let your cat or dog roam all over the place. Especially with dogs. Then if these roaming dogs become a nuisance, like getting into trash cans, attacking livestock, people, etc. then everyone gets upset and wants to eliminate the roaming dogs. I live in a rural area, and we Actually Have a leash law, but being in a rural area, it's not enforced. Therefore, we have people who just let their dogs run everywhere. Some people in our neighborhood, actually keep their dogs in their yards with those electronic collars, or just plain fence them in. At least They are responsible owners. I have two male, neutered cats, and I Never let them loose day or night in our neighborhood. I take them out on a harness and leash. I trained them when they were young, so they are used to going out on a harness and leash. I want them to live a LONG time. It saddens me when I see cats and dogs who have been killed when they were hit by cars. It was obvious that they didn't mean a THING to their owners. Stupid PEOPLE! Even when we had dogs, we Never let them run loose! They were part of our family, and they meant A LOT to us! So when I see these stupid people just letting their animals run loose, it really makes me mad! So it's obvious that the owner of that dog, doesn't give a damn about their dog.

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        • B_man1988, 1 year ago

          If you think the electric collars are alright then you have a few screws loose. That’s animal cruelty and keeping a animal inside at all times is just torture, you should try the collar on and see how it feels when it zaps you every time you try to say something stupid

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  • tjames35, 1 year ago

    Interesting video

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