Rehabilitated Wild Monkey Gets Huge Hug From Family When Released

Newsflare Published February 18, 2018 24,145 Plays

Rumble Looking at society today, it’s hard to imagine that once upon a time we were just another part of the wilderness that stretched all across the globe. We were eating, sleeping, feeding and hunting right next to ones of the most fierce predators that ever existed. Humans have come a long way since then. We don’t know what might actually be the reason why we evolved into civilized animals, but the fact is that we have become so much different than the other species that our behavior is almost unrecognizable.

Whether you believe in the process of evolution, or you think that there was a greater power responsible for our existence in this place and time, you can’t ignore the fact that we definitely share some traits with other animals in the wild. In fact, there is one animal that we found out shares 99.6% the same DNA as us. While scientists thought that there is not much difference between Bonobo apes and chimpanzees, in 2012 they discovered that in fact there is.

Humans aren’t the only animals out there that can show emotions and create long lasting bonds with other members of their families. There are groups that are extremely loyal to each other and so tight-knit that it almost makes you wonder whether we are the ones that are civilized or them. This following footage is a prime example of the sense of belonging animals have.

This is the touching moment a monkey was given a huge hug by its family after it was released back into the wild. The clip, which was filmed in Amanzimtoti, South Africa last week shows Tracy Rowles releasing a rehabilitated vervet monkey called Pearce.

Last month, a student at Kingsway High School in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, spotted the young vervet monkey in need of help with a seriously injured leg. The student contacted Umsizi Vervet Rescue Center, a rescue organisation run by Rowles. A team of volunteers went out as quickly as they could and, after hours of trying, eventually caught Pearce. Pearce’s family members were furious, fearing the team was going to hurt the young monkey.

Pearce was taken to the vet and then to the rescue center to recover. Three weeks later and it was time for him to be released, but finding Pearce's family was far from easy. Vervet monkeys roam for many miles. However, after hours of searching, the team eventually located them sitting on top of a building on some school football fields. When Rowles opened the cage, Pearce hopped out and climbed the building on which his family were sitting.

Recognising him at once, a family member hauled him onto the roof where he was embraced warmly by his troop, who had perhaps feared they'd never see him again.

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