Eight Smart Ways You Can Reuse Cardboard

HouseholdHackerPublished: February 16, 20181,222 views
Published: February 16, 2018

Next time a package arrives don’t just tear-open the box and pile the pieces into your recycling bin. Instead, take that cardboard and create a paper masterpiece. Today we will show you some awesome ways how to reuse cardboard and make your life easier!

Here are eight smart ways to make your leftover cardboard work for you! From organizing your drawers to safely moving furniture around, we have put together our favorite cardboard life hacks. Enjoy and put them into practice!

If you have got some light moving boxes without handles this little trick will make carrying them a lot easier. Use a box cutter to carve out rectangular handles on both sides. Leaving the top side of each handle uncut, so you can fold them up. This will provide soft handlers for your hands and prevent paper cuts from the cardboard. Pretty neat, huh?

If your drawer is an absolute mess you can use some organization tips from our book. Use cardboard to create square dividers and tidy things up. We are using socks here, but this trick works for anything. Start by getting the dimensions of the drawer and mark the divider pieces based on your measurements. Voila! You have your own drawer divider to help you organize that cluttered mess that lurks in your dresser!

Use an old cardboard box to create a nice house for your feline friend. Start by tucking in the cardboard lids or just cut them off entirely. Dig up an old T-shirt and pull it over the box so the neck hole winds up with the box’s opening. Next, tuck the sleeves up against the box to make the sides look neater. You can always use an extra shirt or towel for an extra bedding in order to make the inside more comfortable for your four-legged friend. The final thing you need to do is to entice the pet into its new cozy cat cave!

Check out the other neat ideas for second use of cardboard!

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