Here Are 8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home

HouseholdHackerPublished: February 16, 20181,029 views
Published: February 16, 2018

If you have an overly grabby sibling, raise your hand. Okay, we’ll pretend we saw who has one and we’ll give you the specifics of how you can hide your stash of candy and chocolate so that they can never find them. You are absolutely welcome!

There are a lot of household items that can serve as containers for hiding purposes with just a bit of imagination. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch them go by them all day long and not even know what is hiding inside? The Household Hacker is here to boost your imagination.
Do you know that Sharpie casings are the easiest way to hide your money? They are also the perfect size for it. All you need to do is to take apart your Sharpie pen, wrap the banknote around the filling and reassemble everything. You don’t even have to worry about staining because there is a protective foil around the ink.

Another cool way of storing your valuables is definitely in plain sight. You just need to grab an old cd or cassette casing and put your stash inside. There are a lot of instances when people have found these hidden treasures after many years. Just imagine the stories that can come out of this one. You just might make some kid’s day ten or twenty years from now. How awesome would that be?!


Everything can be a hiding spot with a little imagination and we have quite a few tricks up our sleeve that we don’t mind sharing. Today, we’ll show you 8 clever places to stash to your cash, prized possessions or even your important data.

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