Toddler Saved By Teenager After Jumping Onto Metro Tracks

ReutersNewsPublished: February 15, 20182,193 views
Published: February 15, 2018

Not all viral videos are from cats chasing their own tails. In fact, a lot of the videos that make insane rounds on the Internet show people having near death experiences, because humankind just loves a good scary story and this one is no exception.

We get it. The world is a very jaded, cynical place - after all, we are the planet that made the Kardashians a thing. But there is also hope and warmth in humanity too if you look hard enough. Get prepared to feel fuzzy inside as you witness these stories of incredible humanity and have a nice little happy cry. Go on - you deserve it.

A teenager performed a daring rescue in Milan, saving a two-year-old that had jumped onto the train tracks of a metro in the Italian city. Rough cut (no reporter narration). The guts on this brave young man are incredible. To go out of your way and into harms way, by the way is one of the most heroic and human things we can do to help one another when in desperate need. This is the perfect scenario when such occurrence takes place.

Take a look at the quick reaction of this brave teen to save this little guy!

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