Rescuers Free Cat Trapped In Building

NewsflarePublished: February 15, 201821 views
Published: February 15, 2018

A cat was rescued after getting trapped in a building collapse following Taiwan quake last week.

The footage, captured on February 7 in Huanlien City, shows the rescuers struggling to release the pet that had got stuck between a window and a weld mesh.

Rescuers can be seen guiding the cat out of the tight space and eventually managing to pull it out.

These days, there are a number of people who are raising their own pets all throughout the globe. And one of these pets is the cat. Yes, you read it right! There are so many individuals out there who are cat lovers. This explains why cats are made by many people as their beloved pets just like dogs. Just like pet dogs, pet cats must also be given with enough attention and care from their owners. But the question is, what if your pet cat is in danger? Are you brave enough to save it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes just to save your beloved adorable pet?

Consider this for example. Here, you can see how pity this adorable, lovely, white pet cat is. It is stuck between a weld mesh and a window. If you are a cat lover, or even you are not, you will definitely sympathize as to what this cat is feeling right into this particular situation it is facing. Have you ever imagined yourself caught in this compromising situation? I am sure enough that you do not want to experience it. Just like this pet cat, I am sure enough that it does not want to be in this scenario. And just like human beings, cats should be given enough help once they are caught in a very compromising situation.

As you can see, the rescuers are trying their best to save this lovable cat. It is stuck in a very tight space, so rescuers did their very best to pull it out from danger. Yes, the cat is in danger since it is stuck in the building that collapsed from a horrible high-magnitude earthquake. This horrible incident happened in the progressive nation of Taiwan in the amazing city of Hualien. Hualien City is strategically located on Taiwan's east coast. This seems to be a very peaceful city was put in a very traumatic and painful situation when a high-magnitude earthquake hit it. A lot of people died in this extremely horrible incident and some are put in a very pitiful situation just like this cat.

Good thing there are still a lot of individuals out there who are helpful and concerned enough to help those not only people but animals as well. I know that heroism is rare nowadays, but we should still be thankful that there are still a few out there who are more than willing to do some heroic acts. If you will see some animals or even people who are stuck in a situation just like this, can you be more than willing to help them? Will you do the same with these brave rescuers? Keep in mind that cats and some other animals also have feelings. They are like humans who feel fear and any other emotions. Thus, make sure to do your thing by saving them if they are stuck in a compromising situation.

Watch this if you want to be more inspired in doing some heroic acts. It does not matter if you are saving human beings or animals just like this beautiful white cat.

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