Escaped pony on railway tracks outruns oncoming train

NewsflarePublished: February 15, 20181,763 views
Published: February 15, 2018

This is the incredible moment an escaped pony standing on railway tracks is about to be hit - before it outruns an oncoming train.

The black Friesian had escaped from nearby stables and was looking directly at the approaching locomotive.

Drivers at a level crossing sounded their car horns as they tried to warn the horse, which simply stood frozen on the spot.

But with onlookers screaming, the pony eventually turned on its heels at the last minute and made a dramatic gallop along the railway sleepers - its tail coming within inches of the speeding train.

Miraculously, the pony - with a halter and rope still around its neck - outran the train which eventually came to a stop around 100 metres away as passengers leaned nervously from the windows to check on the fate of the young horse.

The horse reappeared unscathed and bounded up from the grassy banks, to the delight and cheers of the passengers and waiting motorists.

Onlooker Soraya Kritsanakorn, 23, who recorded the dramatic moment and then walked down the side of the tracks when the train had stopped, said: ''The pony had escaped onto the tracks and was just standing there as the train came.''

''We were shouting and beeping the car horn to try and warn it.''

''My sister jumped out of the car and went to run towards the horse.

''The horse then looked like it realised the danger and started to run away from the train.

''Luckily the train driver saw it coming and tried to slow down from its distance.''

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