A Snake is in a fruit, Monkeys want to eat this fruit but They are scared of snake and ran away

Fishwildlife Published February 14, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble A fruit is lying on earth. A snake which sleeping in this fruit and some monkeys create disturbance for this snake because they want to eat this fruit but they scare from this snake and ran away from there when they look snake in this fruit.

They would often have to pick up the fruit again but when the snake was seen again then they throw the fruit and ran away from this fruit.

Everybody knows that the snake is a dangerous animal and everything is scares from snake and everybody also knows that monkey is a funny and a fool animal.

In this video, monkeys and snakes can be seen together. So you can guess, this video will be most important and best on rumble. because monkeys and snakes are part of this video.

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