The Queen Can Do These 10 Illegal Things But We Can't

MatthewSantoroPublished: February 14, 201812 views
Published: February 14, 2018

Although she is the figurehead of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II only really hold a ceremonial position. Still, the power that she once held still exists today, which allows her to do things that we could never do! The Queen is not above the law - she technically IS THE LAW! These are the 10 things that Queen Elizabeth II can do that we can’t!

First, she can skip taxes. For you and us, two things are true in life and one of them is taxes. That can not be said for the Queen. The head of the Royal Family does not have to pay taxes! However in 1992 the Royal Family started voluntarily paying an amount equal to what they would be paying as citizens at their income in tax bracket.

She can also have a pet dolphin and no, you may not. Few would really want the responsibility, but if you like in the UK, the law forbids you, because apparently the Queen owns every dolphin that swims in waters within 3 miles of British soil.

If the Queen wanted to, she could have swan for dinner, but you can’t. They have been a dinner taboo for centuries, but that hasn’t stopped many from enjoying the delicacy. If that were to happen in Britain, not only would you be breaking the law, you would be slighting the Queen!

If you are the Queen of England and you are running late somewhere, you can drive as fast as you can, just so you arrive there on time. But since there can only be one Queen, the mere citizens can’t speed, only Elizabeth can.

Every democratic country in the world has an act that states that citizens may ask question to public figures as long as they are appropriate. Britain has one such law and no citizen in exempt from it, except those in the Royal Family. Queen included.

The rest of the list goes even more intriguing, so make sure to watch the whole thing. It is pretty entertaining!

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