Man Set Wooden Sphere Composed Of 42,000 Matches Ablaze

Storyful Published February 14, 2018 117,614 Plays

Rumble If you one of those curious and inventive people with a knack of physics, chemistry and logic, a thousands of questions might have popped up on your mind. But have you ever wondered what will happen if you start gluing matches together? Since the heads of matches is slightly wider than the wooden bodies when you start gluing them, they begin to form a sphere. This is exactly what one guy did and his experiment was beyond successful. It started as a mathematical calculation of discovering the number of matches needed for such an undertake - how many matches it would take to get all the way around to make a perfect globe. The creator behind this ingenious idea is Benjamin and he spent months and months diligently gluing and gluing tiny pieces of wood together and he finally made it to the other side. When he reached the end, the only thing left to do was figure out what would happen when you light the ball on fire.

Benjamin Ahles wanted to find out how many matches would need to be glued together to form a perfect globe, with the eventual aim of setting in on fire. 42,000 matches later, it’s lit. The results of the experiment, said to have taken place in upstate New York, yielded this amazing footage of the fireball burning in slow motion. This artist spent 10 months carefully gluing 42,000 matches into a giant sphere, only to let it burn in few seconds. The oddly satisfying video features the magical moment when thousands of matches glued to a globe shape burn in unison, and make up for one majestic sight.

He came up with this idea while he was playing with matches and wondered if he could form a sphere if he kept gluing matches together. In addition, he used modeling software to see how many matches he would need to finalize the project. This experiment cost $500 and it took 42,000 matches, a lot of hot glue, and a lot of patience. Footage shows Benjamin gluing matches from scratch and over a long period of time, the time lapse video shows the sphere progressing and starting to take a circular shape, only to create a globe when it is completed.

He kept on gluing and the globe kept on growing. When the project was finally over, Benjamin took the time to marvel the beauty. In the end, the sphere differed in its coloration even though all the matches he used were green. The most exciting part of all is watching it burn. It took several attempts for the globe of matches to catch on fire, but when it finally did, the fire spread fast and the globe started burning like a fireball! Fortunately, he captured this marvellous moment from four different angles and the resulting video is indeed hypnotic.

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Credit: All is Art via Storyful