Inglorious Burglars Caught Red-Handed On Security Camera

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Published: February 14, 2018

It is so hard to be a successful thief nowadays. Security systems in the modern age are so developed, that they can send push notifications via Wi-Fi to alert you about any unusual activity at your home. Two million house break-ins are reported in the United States every year, which is one burglary every 15 seconds.

This failed robbery happened approximately 50 minutes after midnight on February 14th in Shanghai, China. The two burglars who failed in their mission, didn’t lack confidence or bravery – only brains. Their unsuccessful criminal attempt ended up being a viral laughing material. And you can see the reason by watching the video.

Equipped with bricks in their hands, the world’s ‘dumbest’ criminals walk towards the building in Shanghai. You can see the first man throwing a brick at the window to break the glass, but as soon as the second man propels his brick, everything goes wrong. The brick accidentally hit the other burglar into his face, and he loses consciousness. His accomplice drags him away from the crime scene in such a hurry. Eventually, it all ended up well for the object they tried to break-into. This is the best instant karma , that's for sure!

Shanghai police has uploaded this funny video fail and said: ‘If all thieves were like this, police department wouldn’t have to work overtime.’ This surveillance footage has reached over 12 million views in such a short period!

If you have any video that captured thieves in the act by your security system, feel free to share it with us!

Credit: Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security

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      I'd say his/her aim is slightly off. lol.

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