Owner can't find puppy and is surprised where he found her!

Doxie_PomPublished: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018
Published: February 14, 2018Updated: February 15, 2018

The owner of this little Dachshund puppy walked into the living room, not being able to find the cute dog. He started searching for her in all the common places, but still no sign of the dog. As he turns around, he suddenly can see her crawling out underneath the cupboard!

Dachshunds have the tendency of getting into narrow shafts or holes, or burrowing in blankets; they can't help it as it's in their nature. The word Dachshund is German, literally meaning “badger hound.” This name was given to them because they were used for the extermination of badgers, although they were also very useful for hunting other prey, such as foxes and rabbits, because of their ability to enter burrows to catch them or chase them out of the tunnels.

They still show this kind of behavior by digging where ever this is possible (whether it is on your leg, on that expensive new couch you just bought or the new sown lawn in the backyard), and they really love to get underneath a pile of blankets, in your sweater or your bed covers.

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