Thousands Flock To See Weeping Virgin Mary Statue

CENPublished: February 13, 2018
Published: February 13, 2018

The owner of a Virgin Mary statue has claimed that it began to shed tears at the end of January and now thousands of devotees turn up on her doorstep every day.

Rosa Isela Ramirez Aguilera from Ciudad Juarez in the north Mexican state of Chihuahua keeps the statue at her home and people wait over three hours in line to worship at the weeping Madonna’s feet.

Queues begin to form at 5am every day and Ramirez Aguilera’s opens her doors to them at 8am. When the day of worship is over at around 2am, the doors close in anticipation for the next day’s crowds.

The faithful bring gifts and flowers and revere the 60-centimetre figurine with dances and prayers.

The 54-year-old claims that she saw the Virgin Mary cry several weeks ago. First she showed it to family members, and then other people started coming to see it.

In one day, over 2,000 people had shown up from far off places, including El Paso, Las Cruces and even Colorado in the United States.

Local media reported that Bishop Guadalupe Torres Campos has called for calm and asked people not to fall into fanaticism.

He confirmed that tests are being carried out on the figurine but that it will take some time to submit and examine its properties to prove that it is crying.

Ramirez Aguilera bought the statue two years ago and first saw the Virgin weeping after several weeks of lying in bed recovering from cervical cancer treatment.

Even though she suffers with her condition, Ramirez Aguilera admits that the people asking to view her Madonna have helped to make her feel stronger.

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