Viral Video Of Dog Riding On Owners Motorbike

CENPublished: February 13, 201834 views
Published: February 13, 2018

A video of a biker strapping his pet dog on to his motorcycle before they ride off together has gone viral and been seen by more than 50 million people.

In the footage, recorded in the Colombian capital of Bogota, a young man beckons his beloved dog on to the seat of his black Honda motorbike.

He then slips the canine into a form of protective clothing and places it on its hind legs in a human sitting position.

The keen biker even has a pair of doggie goggles to place over his pet’s eyes.

Strapped in and ready to go, the pair ride off into the sunset.

According to local media, the biker has been identified as ‘Toner Man’.

The video was posted on Facebook on 8th February by Ana Maria Laguado and within a few days more than 50 million people had viewed it.

The funny footage has also been shared over 1.2 million times and received thousands of comments.

One netizen commented: "What a beautiful human being. That is true love."

A Facebook user replied: "This is how all dogs should be treated. Well done, my friend."

However, some netizens criticised the biker’s manhandling of the dog to seat it like a person.

‘PandaRider’ said: "Has no one noticed that the poor dog was condemned the moment it was strapped to the bike? What if the biker came off? Imagine what would happen if the tied dog was unable to get free?"

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