Man Barred From Train Breaks Down In Tears

CENPublished: February 13, 2018
Published: February 13, 2018

This was the moment a migrant worker broke down in tears after a trainmaster refused to let him and his oversized luggage on board.

The man from China was reportedly trying to catch a train back to his hometown ahead of the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, and he had brought large bags of personal belongings to take home.

The clip filmed by another passenger shows the worker trying to climb board after having placed some of his luggage on to the overcrowded train.

However, the woman in charge of the long-distance train pushes one of the sacks of belongings out, saying "it won’t fit".

The migrant worker, who appears to be accompanied by an acquaintance, desperately clings to the side of the train and tries to board, but he is told he needs to find another way to get home or check in his oversized luggage.

The panicking worker, seemingly unable to board the train home, has tears in his eyes as the clip ends.

The short video has stirred debate on social media, with members of the public calling the train regulations "too rigid" in the face of millions of travelling workers who often carry their belongings with them.

Others, however, were not sympathetic, saying: "Rules are rules."

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