Hilarious footage of woman pulling off her eyebrows in face mask removal

NewsflarePublished: February 13, 201811,275 views
Published: February 13, 2018

Amusing footage of what happened when a woman's face mask wrong - and it ripped off her eyebrows.

Genella Pabianes Carabbacan, 22, was given two packets of the charcoal mixture for removing blackheads. She applied the sticky mask to her face - forgetting to read the instructions which said not to cover hair and eyebrows.

The footage shows her struggling to remove the product before it tears out her eyebrows.

Genella said: ''My friend gave me the face mask and said it will get rid of the dark spots on your face.

''I was so excited I didn't ask anything more.''

Genella applied the mask and let it dry on her face for around 15 minutes. But when she went to peel it away, it was stuck to the hairs on her eyebrows.

Genella's brother Mark filmed her - struggling to contain his laughter - as she cried while desperately trying to peel off the mask.

The siblings spent around three minutes gradually removing it - along with Genella's eyebrows. She was left with most of the hairs pulled out and had to shave off the rest because of the damage.

She said: ''I was just crying because I lost part of my eyebrows.

''I had to shave the rest of them for them to regrow properly together.

''I should have read the instructions.''

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