Street Dumpster In Hong Kong Gets A Visit From Hogzilla

NewsflarePublished: February 13, 20182,723 views
Published: February 13, 2018

Any self-respecting gamer would rejoice at the title on this video, but we urge you not to think of the level 47 NPC from World of Warcraft. No, dear fellow gamers, this is the real thing and it is on this very plane!

A person sitting in the safety of their own vehicle (for very good reasons!) shot this incredible footage of a massive hog raiding a dumpster on the streets of Hong Kong. The internet took this fresh piece of wild bacon like the delicacy that it is, with some comparing it to a 1987 Australian monster movie “Razorback”.

The whopping porker, which was filmed on February 6 near a primary school, was surrounded by several piglets. The huge pig, which has been nicknamed "Pigzilla" and "Hogzilla" on social media, was significantly taller than the refuse collector when standing on its hind legs.

Seeing wild boar in the city is not uncommon in Hong Kong but this specimen is exceptionally large.

The list of casualties caused by wild pigs is tremendous: crops, fences, watering name it! The footage, shot near a school building, was posted on Facebook and it took the waves of viraldom overnight. Now, social media and multiple international news outlets are serving this hot dish to the public, with some dubbing the monster like it deserves!

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